Zirconia Fused Alumina

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Zirconia fused alumina Brief introduction

Zirconia fused alumina was made from aluminum and Zirconium oxide by melting above 2000 in the electric arc furnace and cooling.Then the huge Zirconia fused alumina lump be crushed into different size,from a few mm to 0.8 um.

Zirconia fused alumina’s physical properties

1.Color: Gray

2.True density: 4.20g/cm3

3.Bulk density: 2.18g/cm3

4.Moh’s hardness :9.0

ZA25 Zirconia fused alumina’s chemical properties

1.Al2O3: 68%-72%

2.ZrO2: 24%-30%

3.TiO2: 5%max

4.Fe2O3: 0.5%max

5.SiO2: 1.0%max

ZA40 Zirconia fused alumina’s chemical properties

1.Al2O3: 55%-57%

2.ZrO2: 35%-44%

3.TiO2: .1.5%max

4.Fe2O3: 0.5%max

5.SiO2: 1.0%max

Tips:Based on the purity of ZrO2,Zirconia fused alumina be classified into two series of completesize,ZA25 and ZA40


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