The scope of use of corundum

The main component of corundum grade corundum is alumina, which is also distinguished by aluminum content during classification. The lower the aluminum content, the lower the hardness.

Product size is produced in accordance with international standards and national standards, and can be processed according to user requirements. The general size number is F4~F320, and its chemical composition depends on the size of the size. The outstanding feature is the small impact resistance to the size of the crystals. Due to the use of self-grinding machines, most of them are spherical particles with clean surface and easy to bond and bond.

Application range: Corundum is called industrial tooth: mainly used for refractory materials, grinding wheels, and sandblasting.

1. Sandblasted corundum-sandblasting abrasive has moderate hardness, high bulk density, no silicon dioxide, specific gravity, good toughness, good corundum is an ideal “green” type sandblasting material, widely used in aluminum, copper profile glass, washing denim precision Mold and other fields;

2. Free grinding-abrasive grade abrasive, used for free grinding in the fields of CRT, optical glass, monocrystalline silicon, lenses, watch glass, crystal glass, jade, etc. It is a commonly used advanced abrasive material in my country; 2.

3. Resin abrasives-abrasives have the correct color, hardness, toughness, correct particle cross-section type and edge retention. Used in resin abrasives, they have the effect of lithium miss you;

4. Coated abrasives-abrasives are raw materials produced by manufacturers such as sandpaper and gauze;

5. Corundum functional filler-mainly used for automobile brake parts, special tires, special construction products and other collars. It can be used as a wear-resistant material for building highway roads, runways, docks, parking lots, industrial floors, sports venues, etc. ;

6. Filter material-is a new type of abrasive application. It uses granular abrasive bed as filter material to purify drinking water or wastewater. It is a new type of water filter material at home and abroad, especially for non-ferrous metal beneficiation and oil drilling mud weighting agent. :

7. Abrasive hydraulic cutting-it is based on abrasive cutting media, relying on high-pressure hydraulic jet for basic cutting, used for cutting oil (natural gas) pipelines, steel and other parts, is a new type of environmentally friendly and safe cutting. Customer base: washing plant, denim sandblasting workshop, shipyard, shipyard, steel plant, powder plant, wheel factory, sandpaper, emery plant, crystal glass industry, construction industry, steel industry, hardware industry, electronics industry, automobile manufacturing industry , Coastal docks, parking lots, hospitals, stadiums, sandblasting industry and other cooperation, can meet the needs of various users of floor aggregates and abrasives.

The product is of reliable quality, stable performance, high quality and easy to use.

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