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chromite sand origin-south africa

Zhengzhou Haixu Abrasive Co., Ltd.'s chrome ore sand /chromite sand origin: South Africa,

Chromium (Cr2O3)content above 46%
Available size: AFS20-25 AFS25-30 AFS30-35 AFS35-40 AFS40-45 AFS45-50 AFS50-55 AFS55-60 AFS60-70 AFS60-65
Uses:foundry, casting, refractory materials

Factory address: Lianyungang (after importing from South Africa, it will be screened in Lianyungang Free Trade Zone)

Want to know the price of chromite sand, please email us(cassiel@zzhaixu.cn) for details



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Email: cassiel@zzhaixu.cn

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