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Dry and wet treatment of alumina sand

      Alumina sand (alumina), also called corundum sand, is suitable for a variety of wet and dry treatment processes. It can grind the rough surface of any workpiece finely. It is one of the most economical and affordable abrasives.

Alumina sand includes white alumina sand, brown alumina sand, pink alumina sand, and alumina sand is suitable for use when there are strict requirements for iron pollution. Used for the roughest cutting, it can also be made into a pebble shape to process precision-sized workpieces to achieve extremely low roughness. Brown corundum sand is also called brown alumina sand made by fused high-quality bauxite, while white alumina sand is made of alumina as the main raw material, and pink alumina sand is made of chromium oxide and alumina. The main raw materials are smelted. Due to their natural crystal structure, they have high hardness and fast cutting performance. At the same time, they are often used as raw materials for bonded abrasive tools and coated abrasive tools.

      Alumina sand can be recycled many times, and the number of cycles is related to the grade of the material and the specific process. Most standard abrasive blasting equipment can be used. It can be applied to different fields such as aerospace industry, automobile industry, consumer goods processing, casting/die casting, OEM distributor, semiconductor industry and so on.



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