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Requirement of anti-rust grade of sandblasted metal surface

Requirement of anti-rust grade of sandblasted metal surface

According to the SIS055900 standard, the rust removal of sandblasted metal surfaces is divided into Sa1, Sa2, Sa2.5 and Sa3. The specific requirements are as follows:

(A) The most thorough clean surface of Sa3 is consistent with off-white, with a certain degree of incidence to improve the adhesion of the coating. Grease, dirt, rust, rust, oxides and other impurities on the surface should be thoroughly cleaned.

(B) Sa2.5 completely removes all grease, dirt, scale, rust, corrosion, old paint and other impurities on the surface, allowing shadows or colors due to incomplete removal, but at least 95% of the surface reaches Sa3 %~5% level, only slight surface color appears.

(C) Sa2 is to remove grease, dirt, rust and other impurities on the surface level, remove rust, oxide scale and old paint, because the removal of rust and oxide is not thorough enough to allow the existence and shadow or color. If the steel surface is pitted, there will be a small amount of corrosion or old paint.

(D) Thoroughly clean the clean horizontal surface of Sa1, remove grease, dirt, rust, oxide scale, loose paint, and firmly bond the substrate with scale, rust, paint and paint on the paint surface to make the paint When the residue is cleaned, the metal spots will be evenly distributed on the surface.



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