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White fused alumina corundum sand for deburring processing

Why are there burrs during production and processing? The burrs are not only the problem of the cutter head, but the improper cutting speed, cutting amount, path, etc. may produce burrs. In fact, it is the limitation of tool size. In a strict sense, the existence of burrs is inevitable; but the thickness of burrs is affected by the above conditions. So how do we remove burrs? Here must be familiar with a high-quality deburring material: white corundum sand

White corundum (white corundum sand, white corundum powder) overview: white, harder and more brittle than brown corundum, cutting force substitution, good chemical stability, uniform and concentrated particle size distribution, uniform single particle shape, maximum wear resistance can be achieved with the smallest amount effect. Therefore, white corundum sand is the preferred material for deburring processing.
Is white corundum generally processed for some products? Bakelite deburring processing white corundum sand (the chemical name of Bakelite is called phenolic plastic), deburring processing of various plastics, deburring processing of zinc products, deburring processing of aluminum die casting products, electronic parts (such as resistors, capacitors) , Secondary and tertiary tubes, integrated circuits, plastic hardware, etc. deburring processing) deburring processing, magnetic core, etc. deburring processing. It is suitable for the polishing of various precision instrument parts, the superfine grinding and crystal grinding and polishing of machine tool spindles, the manufacture of super refined oilstone, and the polishing of steel balls. Widely used in grinding and polishing electronics, optical instruments, glasses, bearings, quartz crystals, high-grade refractory materials, etc.



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